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Freight and Traffic Consulting

What do we do?

Rigo Enterprises, Inc. operates a commercial freight and transportation consulting group specializing in LTL (less than truckload) operations.  We have a full range of logistics solutions, including LTL, rail, truckload, etc.  

Rigo Enterprises, Inc. aids its clients in creating and maintaining solid freight transportation programs, including the technology necessary to compete effectively in today's hectic business environment.  If you are looking for help either building your freight program or managing your existing freight program, contact us to see if we can help. There is no cost for our initial consultation.  We will review your freight program with no obligation. Our review will ultimately result in a grade for your freight shipping program; "A" you've done great and don't need any assistance; through "F," you need some help.  That help can result in a complete system re-design or re-boot.

Consulting Information

Rigo Enterprises, Inc. offers a variety of freight consulting programs. We have well over 40 years experience with commercial freight transportation in our office, including LTL (less than truckload) and TL (truckload) transportation. We can custom tailor a transportation program to meet the needs of your new company or your existing organization. Freight or Traffic Consulting services can be designed in a variety of ways ranging from hourly, retainer, or transactional. We are flexible and dynamic, and it is our intent to design a program that makes sense for you and for the future. We always want to maintain the "win win" situation.

There are a host of solutions available in the transportation industry ranging from utilization of the traditional 3PL (freight broker or freight forwarded) or web-based transportation programs to self-directed carrier specific freight programs. We will review your existing program, we strive to  maintain what works (your best features) while introducing additional methodologies, efficiencies, and tools to leverage today's transportation marketplace.  The "end-game" for us is to increase your efficiency and profitability without sacrificing performance.

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Who is Rigo?

Rigo Enterprises is a complete freight consulting service.  To strengthen Rigo's position in the marketplace and to expand  service offerings, we are strategically aligned full freight brokerage, freight forwarding, LTL, Truckload, rail and logistics services.  Contact us to talk about your shipping needs.

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